The History of Dressage Freestyle

November 16, 2023

Dressage freestyle was introduced in the 80s. Back then, people worried that adding music to dressage would result in a circus-like environment. These changes were still resisted by those who preferred what was traditional, despite it receiving positive reactions and feedback from people.

Connect with Your Horse Through Dressage Freestyle

Today, dressage freestyle adds an entertainment-like quality to the partnership of the horse and its rider. This sport is all about learning to work with your horse efficiently. It is also often described as the equine equivalent of ballet as both the horse and the rider perform a series of predetermined movements in an arena. This form of equestrian activity will help your horse have greater suppleness, flexibility, and obedience.

Parts of Dressage

This equestrian sport has various parts. One of which is dressage freestyle. It incorporates compulsory figures into a test choreographed to music chosen by the rider to express their art and show off their horse’s skills to the audience.

To connect better with the horse, riders have the opportunity to create an expression of their unique relationship with their horses. There are various factors to consider before creating the dressage choreography that will work for both the rider and the equine. This includes the music to be used. It must match the horse’s movement precision to ensure that every step flows amazingly to the rhythm of the song.

In addition to that, please keep in mind that it is important to ensure your horse is not exhausted from over-riding. This can help when difficulty is added to freestyle choreography, affecting the horse’s overall performance.

Why Dressage is Special

The most important thing to note about dressage is that this sport is something that you will enjoy. Your freestyles are a learning experience for you and your horse, and this experience will help you have a stronger bond with them.

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