Impressive Dressage Freestyle Routine for Riders


Q: What is the goal of dressage riding?

A: Dressage is a training method that aims to create a harmonious partnership between a horse and its rider. The goal is to train a focused, supple, loose, and flexible horse to become confident, attentive, and sensitive to the rider’s commands.

Dressage freestyle is a form of dressage where the horse and rider perform a routine set to music. It is a beautiful and artistic display of the horse’s training and the rider’s skill. The goal is to show a relationship between the music and the horse’s movements and gaits.

The horse should exhibit mastery in its gaits, with the walk unrestrained, the trot forward balanced and free, and the canter united and light. Under this training, the horse is expected to respond precisely to the rider’s aids without hesitation, demonstrating harmony and balance.

Q: What type of music should be used?

A: To create stunning dressage choreography, the music should match the tempos of the horse’s gaits. Woodwind Studios specializes in designing dressage freestyle choreography and music tailored to your horse’s movement, type, and personality while considering your musical tastes, too. I offer a cohesive flow in the musical style, with edited music synced with the horse’s movements.

I have extensive experience in horse riding and music and can help you win championships if you’re entering competitions or simply want to express art through your partnership with your horse.

Q: How do I incorporate the choreography into my performance?

A: Dressage freestyle is a beautiful equestrian sport that requires the horse and rider to combine strength and agility with the elegance and beauty of ballet. For the performance to succeed, choreography plays a crucial role in creating unity between the rider and horse and harmony in all movements and transitions.

The choreography gives way to creativity, showcasing the horse’s strengths and following technical requirements while avoiding elements that might not suit the horse’s level. The movements should sync with the music, and the dynamics should match the horse’s abilities. The goal is to make the ride look effortless and interpretive, as if dancing to its musical accompaniment.


Impress everyone with an original and artistic dressage freestyle routine. I specialize in dressage freestyle choreography synced with you and your horse’s movements. I also do all the dressage freestyle music editing to allow for a seamless and synchronized performance between horse and rider.

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