Thoughtful Music Selection for Dressage

A Woman in a Horsewoman’s Costume Adjusts the Straps

In dressage freestyle, the music selection and editing matter just as much as the choreography. That’s why at Woodwind Studios Dressage Freestyle Design, I specialize in producing musical freestyles for dressage riders that seamlessly merge with their riding style and level.

Expert Music Research

As an experienced designer, I understand that music selection for dressage is about careful research to match music to the rider’s personality, the horse’s gaits, and the competition level. That’s why I take the time to find the perfect music that blends with your choice of themes and choreography. 

Winning Music Choices

With over 23 years of designing winning freestyles, I have built my reputation as the go-to expert for dressage freestyle music selection. Whether you’re a junior rider striving for the top, a seasoned professional reaching for the stars, or a fourth-level USDF dressage competitor, I can help you. 

High-Scoring Music

My unbeatable track record speaks for itself. With musical freestyles designed by Woodwind Studios, my clients frequently earn scores of eight-nine for music and interpretation. I have helped guide my NAYC clients to stand on the winner’s podium with scores of well over 70%. 

So, contact me today for equestrian freestyle music that will amaze any audience and set you apart from the competition. With Woodwind Studios, you can rest assured that the music selection and editing for your dressage freestyle will be as exceptional as your riding skills.