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Woodwind Studios is a dressage freestyle firm specializing in top-notch editing of prerecorded music and creative choreography design. My clients include riders at USDF levels through the highest echelons of international dressage. You don't put limits on your goals and I don't put limits on doing what it takes to help you achieve them.

My advanced degree in music paired with my dressage education give me the ideal background to design your musical freestyle. I know music as a solo performer and university teacher and I know dressage from the back of a horse and from the judge's box.

I offer the broadest range of services in the business in my standard freestyle package. I'm not the least or the most expensive designer, but my services are the most rider-friendly you'll find anywhere in the world.



I bring a diverse background in dressage and music to the art of freestyle design with 20 years experience in the field. I hold a BS in music from the University of Vermont and MM from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where I was awarded a full fellowship. I taught flute at the University of Mobile and performed as soloist with ensembles such as the Magnolia Chamber Orchestra and Baldwin Pops.

My dressage mentors include Arlene Rigdon, Jos Sevriens, and at university, Susan Blinks and Sarah Geikie. I am a graduate of the USDF "L" Judge Education Program, bred and trained Swedish Warmblood horses, taught dressage lessons, and hosted recognized competitions. 

My expertise is trusted by the USDF Connection Magazine and Dressage Today to contribute educational articles, and I have been a featured speaker at a USDF convention and interviewed several times by the USDF's Dressage Talk Radio.


My freestyle design system leads you step-by-step through the process to produce exactly the musical freestyle you desire. Services described below aren't "extras," but are included in the price.

Gait Tempos

Every freestyle begins with determining your horse's individual gait tempos. I take into account all the variables and record music at tempos which best suit the horse. As a performing musician, I can operate a metronome with pinpoint accuracy.

Music Themes

I research music in your choice of themes and send you 5 pieces of music for each gait to try. I always tempo-adjust music for you to consider and only present you with choices which can be successfully adjusted and convincing for the listener.

Music Selection

After music clips are engineered, I sync with video you provide. You'll see how music interacts with your horse's gaits and use the video to select music. I'm happy to research additional music, if necessary, to complete a theme to your satisfaction and I can  also send you music clips to try riding.

Choreography Design

You can submit video of your choreography or I'll design it for you. If I design, you will receive a detailed questionnaire for me to learn how your horse needs to be presented to the judge. I send you a sketch for approval, make any changes, and finalize the design. 

Music Editing

My advanced education in music gives me the ability to edit music which is second to none. I perfectly match phrasing to movements on your choreography video and create the most convincing possible transitions between gaits.

Music Engineering

Music is perfectly balanced and engineered to industry standards. Effects such as cymbal rolls can be added in final production to highlight your music. CDs are burned to operate in any playback system.

Sample Music Selection Video

Watch this short video to see a music sample video of the type you'll receive for the purpose of music selection.

The Final Product

You'll receive video like this Intermediare rider's with your music edited to fit the choreography. If you need an additional practice guide, I'll record a voice-over narration of your choreography with the final music file. In addition to CDs, I'll send a thumb drive containing digital music files and the music video file. You'll have an mp3 music file or narration to download to your phone and use for practice.


I schedule production according to your anticipated show date. I sometimes accept rush jobs, but please plan to book 2-3 months in advance. Deposit of 50% is required at time of booking. If I design choreography, 25% is due after choreography is designed with balance due before final music file is released. Your deposit reserves a spot in my production schedule and I do not offer refunds after that creative time is set. Freestyles must be completed within 6 months of booking or any payment is forfeit. After you approve music and final payment is made, changes are charged at a rate of $50 per hour. Additional tempo adjustment is always free (small charge for new CDs). 

Please read the full description of my comprehensive freestyle design system in the "Services" section to know exactly what I provide for the price. My scope and quality of services are unmatched at any price.

Third Level, Junior, Para-Equestrian 1-3

Edit music to match choreography video: $1,000

Music editing plus choreography design: $1,250

Fourth Level, Young Rider, Para-Equestrian 4-5 

Edit music to match choreography video: $1,100

Music editing plus choreography design: $1,350


Edit music to match choreography video: $1,200

Music editing plus choreography design: $1,450

Grand Prix

Edit music to match choreography video: $1,650

Music editing plus choreography design: $2,000

Prefer a budget alternative? Go to my MusiKur freestyles website to find tons of options and prices.




This dramatic music freestyle was a real crowdpleaser at the evening of freestyles in Del Mar, California. The rider reports that "The judges LOVED the music."



Contemporary string music highlights this difficult choreography. On first hearing her music, the rider says, "Love the feeling it gives!"



The rider of this mixed popular and film music freestyle is competing in the U25 division. She earned a score of 76+% at Chattahoochee Hills in Florida with a score of 8.5 on choreography I designed and scores of 9.0 on difficulty and music.


Violin music featuring a mix of pop songs and film music earned a score of 79.1% at the Houston Dressage Show. The judge said "Loved the design!!" and awarded a score of 8.5 on choreography I created. The music received a score of 8.7.


"Tonico Do Top won the BLM Grand Prix freestyle. We danced to our new music together, he loves the beat!"


"We love the music! It's terrific!"


"Beth listens to your every whim to create a freestyle that most reflects your personality while highlighting your horse's strengths. Her life long devotion to riding and being a flautist meld an understanding of editing a freestyle that supersedes the average composer."


"You've always done such a wonderful job on my freestyles. Looking forward to the future."


"I heard the last take with the violins and it sounds awesome!"


"I love that freestyle so much!! It is such a great one, my absolute favorite music!"


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Feel free to contact me with any inquiries. I'll respond promptly during business hours. If you prefer, call Beth Hall at 251-550-1952.