Designing an Unforgettable Dressage Choreography

Perform a memorable and medal-worthy choreography with Woodwind Studios. I specialize in creating artistic and balanced dressage freestyle routines that reflect the horse and rider’s abilities. My clients take their performance to the next level with personalized dressage choreography, impressing the judges and audience.

Music That Matches

Engage the audience and judges with music that complements your performance. With my extensive music expertise, I select and edit the appropriate songs for any dressage freestyle choreography. A fitting choice of music showcases the horse and rider’s movements, rhythms, and energy, which the judges assess during the performance. 

Showcasing Your Skills

My goal is to design a choreography floorplan with the movements required for a competition and my clients’ talents. Not only do my routines showcase the horse’s skills and movements, but they also highlight the rider’s strengths. This personalized approach allows my clients to perform challenging and memorable freestyle choreographies.

Preparing Your Horse

The key to planning a memorable routine is ensuring the horses feel confident throughout their performance. I work closely with the rider to choreograph a freestyle routine without causing stress or over-extension. Horses’ physical and mental well-being is my top priority throughout the process, helping the horse gain confidence and a positive attitude towards the routine.