Equestrian Music Editing for Competitions

Mix the right sounds to connect with your horse during a performance. Woodwind Studios Dressage Freestyle Design specializes in equestrian music editing, helping riders engineer the right notes that elevate their dressage freestyle. I have produced and edited many equestrian soundtracks that have amplified the emotional journey of each performance, making it an unforgettable experience for the rider and audience.

Contact me now to strengthen your freestyle dressage performance with the most suitable music.

Selecting Your Song

The music selection for dressage is one of the most important elements of any routine. Not only does this process involve picking a favorite tune, but also understanding its relation to the choreography. With 23 years of experience, I have helped many riders choose and create a score that perfectly blends with motion, impresses the judges, and entertains the audience.

Editing the Score

Ride with style and win your next competition. With my expertise in editing and production, my clients usually earn scores of eight to nine for music and interpretation. To achieve these high marks, I collaborate with the riders to learn their choreography and craft an entertaining musical piece. During editing, I ensure every crescendo and decrescendo is threaded perfectly and that every beat complements the rider’s and horse’s performance.