Dressage Freestyles

At Woodwind Studios, I edit dressage music that matches your choreography. The freestyles you’ll watch below are a mix of choreography and competition videos. When you work with me, the choreography videos you’ll be seeing are the exact product I send for music approval. I ensure that the music matches movements stride for stride and that every movement features its own phrasing. Trot and canter extensions are always a highlight in my work.

Elvis, Grand Prix Freestyle, USDF National Finals

Lauren Sprieser won the Grand Prix Freestyle Reserve Championship at the USDF National Finals with her Elvis-themed freestyle. Her score was 74.5%, with one score of 77% from judge Lilo Fore. The commentator, Kathy Connelly, said, “excellent music choices” and “really beautiful, beautiful freestyle!”

Secrets, Grand Prix Freestyle

Contemporary string music highlights this difficult choreography. On first hearing her music, Emily Miles said, “Love the feeling it gives!”

Carmina Burana, Intermediate Freestyle

Rebecca Rigdon wanted powerful music to suit her mare and selected a piano and cello version of Carmina Burana. She organized her choreography to allow a big build-up in the music for dramatic impact in trot extensions.

Shut Up and Dance, Intermediate Freestyle, USDF National Finals

Nancy Hinz competed her freestyle at the USDF National Finals, earning comments like “very good dynamics in music” and “very captivating” from commentator Kathy Connelly. Her high score on this freestyle is 79.1%, and the judge said: “Loved the design!!”

Radioactive, Grand Prix Freestyle, USDF National Finals

Rebecca Roman earned a score of 76+% at Chattahoochee Hills in Florida with a score of 8.5 on choreography I designed and scores of 9.0 on difficulty and music. She competed at the USDF National Finals placing third and was Reserve Champion at the Festival of Champions.