Soundtrack Scores

Bring fresh ideas, originality, and the skill of one of Europe's top young composers to your freestyle. You can have it all - exactly the pieces of music you desire, fully orchestrated soundscape, superbly crafted transitions, rhythm and dynamics to support the horse, and the innovation of freestyle music scored only for your program. Working in collaboration with me, Marcos Fernandez creates film quality soundtracks for dressage freestyle to meet the highest international judging standards, as well as the toughest standard of them all - yours!

I research music in your preferred style, including pop, and present you with choices for selection. Marcos writes a simple piano score to lay out the framework of the composition.  Music is then orchestrated and presented to you. After this point, you'll receive up to three rounds of music revision at no additional charge. 

Music will be scored to fit your choreography video. You can design and film your own choreography or have me design it for you. 

Scroll to the bottom of this page to find sample Grand Prix video with soundtrack scored by Marcos and with my choreography design. Go to the prices page to find cost. 

Born in Barcelona, Marcos is a London based film and television composer. He holds degrees in piano performance and composition, and earned his master's in film music composition at the Royal College of Music. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in London and teaches music theory and composition at Trinity Music Academy. Marcos is a visiting professor at TAI University Centre in Madrid.

Marcos is a versatile arranger, composer, and orchestrator who has composed music for screen, theater, dance, opera, and musicals. He has scored music for numerous Spanish film producers and was resident composer for an artistic project in Italy. 

As a pianist, Marcos has performed throughout Europe and Asia, and is in great demand in London.

Marcos has been honored with more than 20 composition awards in Europe.

Marcos Fernandez

Soundtrack Sample Video

Listen as Marcos scores effortlessly between 2 music themes to produce film quality dressage freestyle music. I suggested that Marcos incorporate the enormously popular "Game of Thrones" music with the lesser known, but impressively composed, "Home Fires" theme from Masterpiece Theater. It's entirely your choice to use as few or as many music selections as you like, and in any genre. In this sample, we limited thematic ideas in order to create great cohesiveness, but without sacrificing interest or originality for various choreographic movements - a true film soundtrack. Enjoy the production!