Musical Freestyle Design for Dressage Riders


My comprehensive freestyle design services allow you to make good decisions every step of the way. With my detailed system, I lead you through the process of producing exactly the musical dressage freestyle design you desire. I will listen to your wants and needs so that you go down centerline excited and happy.

Services described below aren't "extras" but are included in the price.

Gait Tempos

Every freestyle begins with determining your horse's individual gait tempos. I take into account all the variables and record music at tempos that best suit the horse. As a performing musician, I can operate a metronome with pinpoint accuracy.

Music Themes

I research music in your choice of instrumental themes and provide about 5 pieces of music for each gait to consider. I always tempo-adjust music clips and only present you with choices that can be successfully adjusted and convincing for the listener. I'll provide up to 5 additional selections to complete a theme to your satisfaction.

Music Selection Video

Music selection is never guesswork. After music clips are engineered, I sync with the video you provide. No extra charge! You'll see how music interacts with your horse's gaits and use the video to select music. If video isn't enough, I can also send you tempo-adjusted music clips to try riding. 

Watch this short video to see a music sample video of the type you'll receive for the purpose of music selection.

"I'm so happy with this music! It gives me goosebumps," says Erica Schwan.

Choreography Design

You can submit a video of your creative choreography design, or I'll design it for you. If I design, you'll receive a detailed worksheet for me to learn how your horse needs to be presented to the judge. You grade potential patterns from low (1) to high (5), and I include your highest scoring patterns in the design. I will send you a sketch for approval and then finalize the design.

"The choreography is wonderful," says Jessica Thomas. "It flows really well, makes sense, and shows off his strengths. I love it!"

Sample Choreography Worksheet Questions

Choreography Design Worksheet

Music Editing

My advanced degree in music gives me the ability to edit music which is second to none. I perfectly match phrasing and dynamics to movements on your choreography video and create the most convincing possible transitions between gaits - no compromises and no editing choices made out of ignorance or lack of musical training. I edit music in the highest quality professional software available.

Music Engineering

Music is perfectly balanced and engineered to industry standards. Effects such as cymbal rolls can be added in the final production to highlight your music. If needed, complete drum tracks are recorded live to underscore your music. CDs are burned to operate in any playback system.

Add Drums to Music

Your music choices might contain plenty of percussion. If not, I add live recorded drums to the music to enhance dramatic and rhythmic quality. Kevin Hall, studio drummer in Austin, Texas, has many years experience with freestyle music and records multiple instruments to punch up your music. And the best part...there's no extra charge for this service! Watch this short video to hear side by side music samples without drums and with drums added.

Brianna Zwilling says, "I absolutely love the music, pattern, and the extra drum, tambourine, and hand claps. It super enhances the expression and really fits with Tristan's look and personality!"

The Final Product

You'll receive a video like that of Grand Prix rider Nancy Smith, with your music precisely edited to fit the choreography. I designed dressage freestyle choreography, as well as produced music for this freestyle. Use the music video I provide as a learning guide. I can record a voiceover of your choreography on request. In addition to CDs, I'll send a thumb drive containing digital music files and the music video file. You'll have an mp3 music file to download to your phone and use for practice.

Nancy Smith says, "The music is beautiful and really suits him."