Custom Freestyles

My freestyle design system has been developed over the course of my career to lead you step-by-step through the process and produce exactly the musical freestyle you desire. Below, I'll tell you how my system works and you'll see that no other freestyle designer is as meticulous or takes the time on your project that I do. Services described below aren't "extras," but included in the basic price. 

I research music in your choice of themes to find about 5 pieces for each gait. I tempo-adjust clips and sync the music choices with video for viewing. I'll upload the videos and send you a link. You can watch the videos as many times as you like to select music and also forward the link to your trainer. You might pick a complete theme from video but you might only find, say, two pieces you want. In that case, I'll research additional music for your consideration to fill out the theme. Most riders find music sample videos to be a sufficient tool to select music. If not, I'll send you clips to try riding.

I always tempo-adjust music for you to consider and only present you with choices which can be successfully adjusted. The service is not an add-on but an integral part of my design system. You need to hear exactly how the music will sound when adjusted and you need to see how the music relates to your horse's gaits. 

Watch the video below to see a short music sample video of the type you'll receive.

Every freestyle begins with your horse's individual gait tempos. You submit video showing me a sampling of all gaits. Your horse will likely move in a small range of tempos at each gait and I'll make an artistic decision about the best tempo at which to record music. This decision takes into account variables such as extensions speeding up and pirouettes slowing down. The best tempo allows you to ride in sync with music the greatest part of the time. As a performing musician, I can operate a metronome with pinpoint accuracy. 

Gait Tempos

Music Selection

“I have listened to all the music and I like the selection you sent so much that I can't decide which songs to pick! Thank you for doing such a great job and taking my wants into account! ”

- Celise Eberle

Music Editing

“I think you did a great job with the movements and phrases and the better I do my job, the more obvious it is. People loved it!"

- Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel

The process of music editing is where I excel. I have the ability to edit 30 cuts of music at Grand Prix to sound like one piece. My skill was developed over six years of university music theory courses in bachelor's and master's programs. I don't guess about the beat structure and key relationships. I never simply fade down a phrase and bring up something new to coincide with a movement change and I create the most convincing transitions possible between gaits. I know precisely how many beats I need to match your movement and I select cuts to splice together as though the music was originally performed that way.

Once the engineering is complete, I sync music with your choreography video for you to preview. In the video to the right, you'll see just how successfully I edit music to precisely fit your choreography. The rider is not performing to this music; it has been fitted to the video. This freestyle receives scores to 78+% with a score of "9" on music.


“OMG, the music...I know you chopped it up but I cannot even tell!!!! Wow, great job."

- Kathleen Betzel

I send you a questionnaire to learn how your horse needs to be presented to the judge in choreography. I ask you to rate your horse in every possible movement and combination on a scale of 1-5. Five is the highest rating and my goal is to insert the "4-5" patterns into your design so that choreography flows from one strength to the next.

I never simply ask for a short list of your horse's strengths and weaknesses. I developed my questionnaires over a period of years to give me the best possible information and give you the reassurance that you'll receive the right design for your horse.

I create a pencil sketch of your choreography drawn on arena diagrams and e-mail to you to look over or try riding. I make any changes requested and finalize diagrams.

After your music is finished, I sync with video for you to study. You'll never be lost or question how the movements should line up with music as you ride.

Scroll down to "Music Editing" watch video of choreography I designed matched with the rider's final music file.

After music is selected, you submit your choreography video or I design it for you. If I'm handling the design, I need to view test video at your freestyle level. I write a script of every stride your horse takes in the test. To design choreography, I need to know how many strides your horse typically takes in every turn, short side and movement. I use that information to accurately predict how much music to allow in editing and to time the choreography.