I schedule production according to your anticipated show date. Please book your freestyle well ahead of your first show. 

Deposit of 50% is required at time of booking. Balance is due prior to editing and engineering your music. For your convenience, you may pay by check, PayPal or credit card.

Your deposit reserves a spot in my production schedule. I do not offer refunds after you take that spot.

Freestyles must be completed within 6 months of booking or payment is forfeit.

Once your freestyle is complete, major music re-editing is charged at $50 per hour. Tempo adjustment and minor changes are offered at no extra charge.


“With you, I know that I'm getting what I pay for and more.”

- Kate Cassidy

Edit music to match choreography video you provide:

Para-Equestrian Grades 1-2 $1,000
Third Level/FEI Junior/Para-Equestrian Grade 3 $1,100
Fourth Level/FEI Young Rider/Para-Equestrian Grades 4-5 $1,200
Intermediare $1,350
Grand Prix $1,800

Music editing and choreography design:

Third Level $1,400
Fourth Level/FEI Young Rider $1,500
Intermediare $1,650
Grand Prix $2,200

Add drum cues/percussion: $50 per gait

Please read the full description of my comprehensive design system on the services page to know exactly what I provide for the price. My scope and quality of freestyle services are unmatched at any price. 

Junior freestyle are accepted on the condition that the trainer agrees to be actively involved in the design process.

I apologize for any inconvenience, but I do not design freestyles for Training-Second Levels.

On a budget? Check us out at MusiKur for ready-to-ride and low-cost custom freestyle options.


You can read the complete description of music composition services at the soundtrack page. Music is scored and orchestrated to your exact specifications and to very precisely fit your choreography.  Scroll to the bottom of the soundtrack page to watch sample Grand Prix video of originally scored freestyle music.

Deposit of 50% is required at time of booking. Balance is due before final version of music is released to rider. U.S. and U.K. clients will receive 3 music CDs and 1 voice-over CD. Other international clients will receive digital download link or pay additional shipping for CDs.

Music scored and orchestrated to match choreography video you provide:

Young Rider/Intermediare $2,000
Grand Prix $2,600

Add choreography design:

Young Rider/Intermediare $2,300
Grand Prix $3,000

3 rounds of music revisions are included in price.

Additional music revisions: $75 per hour