Watch Hannah's NAJYRC Silver Medal winning Young Rider performance to her Los Angeles "beat scene" music. The music is modern and rock-driven, perfect for her cadenced and rhythmic horse.

Rebecca won the Cool August Nights Fourth Level freestyle with this stunning ride and went on to win the USDF Region 7 championship. She selected classical crossover musc to bring both elegance and dramatic highlights to her program. Rebecca and I continued to work up the levels together in freestyle with this horse, culminating in her Grand Prix kur to dubstep and film music.

Terri Rocovich & Uiver

Rebecca performed this freestyle as her first Grand Prix when she moved up from Young Riders to the U25 ranks. The music is a mix of Imagine Dragons, Lady Gaga, and film music. Rebecca earned a score of 70+% in her second performance. "The judge loved the choreography and music!" You're watching Rebecca's choreography video with music edited to match.

Hannah Bauer & Trustful

Helen Claire McNulty and Checkmate

Madelyn's "Paradise" Intermediare freestyle features the same song for all 3 gaits to produce perfectly thematic music. I recorded the canter version in the studio to make the song work at that tempo. "I just watched the video again and I have goosebumps...and it's my own video!" 

Claire McNulty converted her Young Rider freestyle for Intermediare and scored big in her first try with a 71.875%. She chose classical techno music to perfectly suit her horse's big gaits and big personality. Judges love the beat!

Rebecca Rigdon & Solei

Madelyn Bricken & Ulfilia DG

Rebecca roman & Ultimo

Terri selected music with a strong beat to showcase her mature Grand Prix horse. In this video, music is edited to match her choreography.