Terri Rocovich & Uiver

Rebecca performed this freestyle as her first Grand Prix when she moved up from Young Riders to the U25 ranks. The music is a mix of Imagine Dragons, Lady Gaga, and film music. Rebecca earned a score of 70+% in her second performance. "The judge loved the choreography and music!" You're watching Rebecca's choreography video with music edited to match.

Madelyn's "Paradise" Intermediare freestyle features the same song for all 3 gaits to produce perfectly thematic music. I recorded the canter version in the studio to make the song work at that tempo. Madelyn qualified for the National Finals with this freestyle. "The judges loved my music last week at regionals!"

Claire McNulty converted her Young Rider freestyle for Intermediare and scored big in her first try with a 71.875%. She chose classical techno music to perfectly suit her horse's big gaits and big personality. Judges love the beat!

Music starts after the credits. Dramatic film music highligts this difficult choreography. The freestyle was a real crowd pleaser at the Del Mar National Horse Show and Terri reports that judges loved the music!

Watch Hannah's NAYC Silver Medal winning Young Rider performance to her Los Angeles "beat scene" music. The music is modern and rock-driven, perfect for her cadenced and rhythmic horse. "Thank you so much for my amazing freestyle!"

Madelyn Bricken & Ulfilia DG

Rebecca roman & Ultimo

Helen Claire McNulty and Checkmate

Hannah Bauer & Trustful