dressage freestyle design

world-class dressage music & choreography

Woodwind Studios is a professional freestyle firm specializing in music editing and choreography design for the highest levels of international dressage. My team of experts developed a unique system to make the Freestyle design process easy to understand and successful for every rider.. 

"Beth's lifelong devotion to riding and being a flutist meld an understanding of editing a freestyle that supersedes the average composer."

Rebecca Rigdon-Blake
Ad Astra Stables

My education and experience in music paired with my love for the sport of dressage gives me the ideal background to design your musical freestyle. Your project is never compromised at Woodwind Studios because my training covers all the bases. I know dressage from the back of a horse and from the judge's box. I understand music as a solo performer and college-level teacher. My advanced music degree gives me the theoretical knowledge needed to produce soundtrack quality freestyle  music. I start with your ideas and build your freestyle one layer at a time until my unique process results in your dream fulfilled. I invite you to browse my website and see all the advantages my freestyle design system has to offer. I deliver the broadest range of services in the business in my standard dressage freestyle package.

Beth Hall
Music Director and Choreographer